Electromagnetic brakes for use in harsh environments

Teleco Freni offers a range of brakes suitable for work in difficult climates, i.e. with a high rate of humidity and very low temperatures. This type of use regularly also requires a very high degree of protection, since they are used inside refrigeration units (warehouse machinery for the movement of goods inside refrigeration units) or on lifting or overhead platforms that work outside even in countries where temperatures are under zero for most of the year, on wind turbine vanes and on mining machinery.

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For custom brake design and special applications

For the aforementioned uses and other use in “critical” conditions, we can offer the IP65 range (which boasts a degree of protection up to IP66), in an anti-sticking version and with insertion of a heater; the heater is used to raise the temperature of the brake if the machine is placed outdoors after use and is used to maintain a higher brake temperature than the ambient temperature.

The brake, which in this version is defined with the acronym CCV (Cold Climate Version) has as a result 2 separate electrical circuits: the first is for the electric brake coil, the second circuit is for the heater power supply. You are advised to install a thermal switch that shuts off the heating system when the temperature of the brake goes over 0 °C: this avoids pointless energy consumption when the brake is powered (condition that means the machine is working) it produces heat autonomously; furthermore, it keeps the heating circuit off and prolongs its life. Obviously, the thermal switch cannot be directly applied on the brake. Simply have it near the electric motor on which the brake is applied, a condition that allows for a reliable temperature reading of the brake both when not working and during the work phase.

We can also supply this type of brake with various brand IP65 or IP66 connectors and the length of the cable can be customised.

The voltage ranges available are from 12 to 205 Vdc.

Tailor-made brakes

Are available specific brakes for counter balanced fork lift trucks; this series of brakes is IP65, it has the possibility of having a coupling flange made according to the technical specifications of the reducer on which the brake is applied.

Moreover, we can manufacture safety brakes with the body-spool to design, same dimensions of the extrusion of the motor on which the brake must be applied.

Main application fields

  • Wind turbines
  • Handling equipment for refrigerating rooms
  • Mining industry equipment and machinery