Safety brakes COMP

safety brake COMP series Teleco Freni
Technical data


  • Power supply voltage from 12 to 205 VDC
  • Single disc
  • Activated using spring pressure


  • Fixed torque (customisable)

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Technical data sheet

user manual

The Comp series safety brakes have been designed to be applied to engines with an aluminium cover or when the surface's cover is not suitable for the working of the braking disk. They are equipped with a flange and are ready for installation on the motor.

The brake is composed by 4 components, the coil housing, the brake disc, coupling hub between shaft and brake disc, lower flange already assembled.

The operating principle is simple, thanks to the effect of the spring pressure on the anchor the braking torque is generated.

It is possible to release the brake even in the event of an emergency or power failure by using a handle release.

A micro-switch, which can be applied on request, monitors if the brake is working properly.

Special versions


Cold climate version

Main application fields

  • Brake motors
  • Transport and handling equipment
  • Lifting equipment
  • Automatic warehouse/ Conveyor belts
  • Self-propelled indoor vehicles
  • Machine tools
  • Vehicles for the disabled
  • Automation
  • Doors, gates, windows
  • Elevators and stairlifts