Electromagnetic tooth clutches

Electromagnetic tooth clutches (electrically powered or released) work using an electric drive and transmit the torque mechanically by coupling the teeth; they therefore manage to transmit a very high torque, while maintaining reduced dimensions. Tooth clutches are particularly indicated for applications that work at low regimes and for machine tools.

Tooth clutches can be manufactured using teeth with various geometric shapes. For electrically powered clutches the standard type is trapezoidal, for no current clutches the standard is triangular: trapezoidal teeth are characterised by a limited peripheral clearance, triangular teeth have coupling without clearance. For both teeth, insertion should be when stopped.

Saw teeth are instead characterised by a profile with various sized angles; these teeth offer the benefit of insertion at low speed instead of stopped.

Release time is short and there is no residual torque. Since this type of clutches does not allow sliding, correct dimensioning is of utmost importance.

Standard clutches allow connection in any position, but on request we can provide clutches that allow insertion of one or more pre-established angled points (synchronised fixed insertion).

Technical data


  • Electrically operated 24 VDC
  • Torque from 20 Nm to 18000 Nm
  • For operation in oil and dry


  • Trapezoidal
  • Triangular
  • Saw teeth

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